السبت, 28 تشرين الأول, 2017

صفوان قربي ضيف سيريا تايمز

Member of Syrian Parliament Safwan Korabi has expected further maneuvers from the head of the Turkish regime RacepTayyip Erdogan, who tries to polish al-Nusra Front terrorists in order to keep them as a reserve force to be invested by him in the forthcoming political talks on Syria.

Speaking to the Syriatimes e-newspaper via WhatsApp, the MP asserted that Erdogan will never abandon al-Nusra Front terrorists, who are now handing over strategic sites in Idlib province to Turkish troops that invaded the province amid popular and official criticism.

 “The popular and official criticism of Turkish behavior is a must in order to ring alarm bell and remind Syria’s friends and non friends of the necessity of putting pressures on Turkey to abide by all the points signed in Astana talks on Syria,” Korabi, whose hometown is Idlib, said.

He made it clear that Turkey’s adherence to ceasefire is not enough because there are many points the participants in Astana talks, including Turkey, have agreed upon.

“Turkey was running- from behind the curtain- economic, military and security issues inside Idlib province, and its incursion into the province and the al-Nusra Front terrorists’ willingly evacuation from strategic sites, including airbases and observatories, can be described as ‘receipt/delivery operation’ between friends or between master and agent affiliates.”

This is what is happening in Idlib now

What is happening in Idlib province is a re-deployment of all terrorist groups and unifying them under new names. “Beard shaving and raising new flags in Idlib province under the slogan ‘new free army’ far away from the al-Qaeda-linked al-Nusra Front [Jabhat al-Nusra] will never change the mentality of murder,” Korabi affirmed.

He pointed out that part of the key sites, including Taftanaz and Abu al-Duhur military airbases, which have been handed over by al-Nusra Front to Turkey, will be handed over later to Russia as a first stage that aims to keep al-Nusra Front far away from the sides of the province and to put them inside it and in Jabal al-Zaweyeh area.

“Erdogan is looking for better swaps from all under the banner’ I will help you in Idlib file, and you will help me in Kurdish file’”, said the MP, asserting that the absence of trust with Turkey is one of the most serious obstacles.

“There have been a lot of Turkish shows during the first stage of Astana talks and we understand this, but we must be worry about it. We positively and patiently look forwards to the second stage of Astana talks. The strong existence of Russian observers in the eastern side of the province on Atharya-Khanaser road towards railway- Aleppo-Hama in accordance with the first stage of Astana talks will be followed by expanding the existence of Russian observers on Aleppo-Damascus highway after re-opening Homs-Hama highway.”

Erdogan seeks to reshuffle cards and camouflage issues to occupy part of Syria. His recent movement in Idlib province frustrated the foreign terrorist fighters.

“30% of foreign terrorists returned to their homelands, while the largest number of them do exist on Syrian borders with Turkey, Jordan and Iraq waiting for an opportunity to return to their homelands or to go to a new battlefield- suggested by their masters. In my opinion, Libya is the most attractive destination to the terrorist fighters because they can move then to Egypt or to the north of Africa,” added Korabi.  

‘Unavoidable military confrontation’

He underscored that it is a naivety and ‘childish politics’ to believe Erdogan because of the long list of his blackmails and the damages inflicted by Turkey on Syria and the region.

“The homeland’s fateful causes do not tolerate a lot of interpretations and risks. So, I see, it is necessary to be cautious and to be ready for a military confrontation, which might be unavoidable,” the MP declared, indicating that there are a lot of points of convergence between Syrian government, Turkey, Iraq, Iran and Russia but this matter is related to Turks’ adherence to the minimum limits of political rationality and their respect to the others’ interests.

“We have the right to be worry and to expect the worst scenarios from Turkey which is geographically located near Syria,” Korabi said, citing that Syria’s patience won’t last for a long time and there are a lot of scenarios, one of them is the Syrian Arab army’s recapture of Abo Dali area and neighboring areas in Idlib province, which are adjacent to Hama province, in order to reach Abo al-Duhur airbase .

Idlib province has become one of the de-escalation areas in Syria in accordance with Astana talks 6 held last month.

De-escalation areas‘ Safe exit from war’

The establishment of de-escalation areas in Syria is a new experience that has a lot of unknown results and it is one of the outcomes of Russia’s calm policy and a modified consequence of previous international experiences.

 It is a safe exit from the ongoing war on Syria away from sudden changes and it paves the way for the gradual return of these areas to the bosom of the country, according to Korabi, who elaborated that the role of the guarantor countries is to help achieve this goal through facilitating the delivery of humanitarian and food aid and the movement of citizens as well as the rehabilitation of infrastructures and the return of State institutes’ work in order to break all psychological barriers caused by the long war.

“The experience in the southern area is the most successful, while it is remained weak in some areas due to regional conflict between countries supporting terrorism, which are still betting on changes in win-lose balance situation that strongly inclines in favor of Syrian state and its allies,” he concluded.