الثلاثاء, 28 تشرين الثاني, 2017

الدكتور أحمد كزبري ضيف سيريا تايمز

The postponement of the Syrian national dialogue congress, which was scheduled to be held next month in the Russian city of Sochi, was expected after the provocative final statement issued by the Saudi-backed Syrian opposition group ‘s expanded conference held last Wednesday and Thursday in Riyadh.

The so-called "Syrian opposition" still doesn’t have real willingness to participate in the political process and it can't give what it does not have, according to the Syrian Member of Parliament Dr. Ahmad Kuzbari, who made it clear that the current opposition group is subject to governments and intelligence agencies that pay it money.

 “Politically speaking, this Syrian opposition is not a true opposition as it lacks the minimum level of will. It is a tool implementing the wills of the governments and agencies that pay it money,” he told the Syriatimes newspaper in an e-mail interview.

The MP referred to the "wooden language" used –since 2011- by the so-called "Syrian opposition and Revolution Forces" in Riyadh conference where the participants called for "the departure of President Al-Assad and his administration members".

This repeated call is a pre-condition for negotiations and it hinders any future talks on Syria as no progress can be made if there are pre-conditions.

“There will be no solution to the crisis in the country except through intra-Syrian dialogue. So, I expect that the intra -Syrian dialogue congress to be held with the participation of all components of the Syrian community will have positive impacts on the political process,” said Dr. Kuzbari, who chairs the Constructional and Legislative Affairs Committee in the Syrian People’s Assembly [Parliament].

Asked whether Geneva talks will be held before the Syrian national dialogue congress in Sochi, the MP replied: “It does not matter which comes first. The most important thing is the results of the talks. For example, Astana talks achieved in less than a year what Geneva talks could not achieve in 5 years.

Dr. Kuzbari stressed that the connection between all talks and conferences on Syria serves the Syrian people and leads to the end of the terror war on the country and to the restoration of peace and stability to all areas in the Syrian Arab Republic.

“Every Syrian national group that is keen on protecting the Syrian state and the Syrian people must take part in any talks on Syria,” he added, pointing out that foreign intervention in the participation of groups in the forthcoming talks hinder political process.

Syrian army and allies ended US dream

Regarding US contradictory remarks on Syria, the MP said the remarks prove that the US administration lacks the minimum level of credibility and it can’t be trusted.

“Syria considers the existence of the US forces in its territories as an occupation and illegitimate. The US decision to stay in Syria after the defeat of ISIS hinders efforts being exerted in the political process,” the MP asserted.

He underlined that the U.S. administration has tried to prolong the existence of the US-made ISIS terrorist organization but the Syrian army and its allies ended the US dream.

“The US remarks related to stopping its support to Kurds in Syria aims to re-attract please Turkey,” Dr. Kuzbari added.

Russia is a trusted ally

Unlike US administration, the Russian Federation has been serious in supporting political process and fighting terrorism in Syria.

“I think no one can reduce the Russian role in the Syrian political process because the Russian federation's acts are being done in coordination with the Syrian government and with its approval on the one hand and in accordance with the international law on the other,” the MP said.

He went on to say that the Russian federation is a trusted ally and it has seriously fought against terrorism.

Four days ago, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation declared that 98% of the territory of Syria has been liberated from ISIS and other terror groups.

Interviewed by:  Basma Qaddour