الاثنين, 9 نيسان, 2018

ماري البيطار ضيفة سيريا تايمز

The Syrian Member of Parliament Marie Bittar has affirmed that the Syrian government does not miss any chance for negotiation with armed groups in order to stop the shedding of blood and to release abductees especially in Douma city in the Eastern Ghouta of Damascus.

In a statement to the Syriatime e-newspaper, the MP made it clear that there are around 6000 civilians and military abductees held by armed groups- affiliated to Turkey and Saudi Arabia- in the city of Douma, which has become under the fire of Syrian army.

 The so-called ‘Jaish al-Islam’ terror group has rescinded all the agreements reached in national reconciliation talks and in Astana process.

“For example, the ‘Jaish al-Islam’ terrorists joined Astana talks through Russian mediator and it was agreed then to allow Russian military police to enter Douma city and to allow the return of civilians and the resumption of the work of state institutions inside the city as well as the surrender of terrorists’ weapons to the Syrian government. But they did not adhere to this agreement,” the MP added.

She indicated that the Russian-brokered evacuation agreement- recently rescinded by ‘ Jaish al-Islam’- was based on stopping military operations in exchange for the release of abductees held by terrorists in the city of Douma.

The departure of ‘Jaish al-Islam’ terrorists and their families to  the Turkey-occupied Jarablus city in Aleppo countryside through al-Wafideen corridor, the surrender of weapons to the Syrian government, the return of the state institutions to the city  and the release of civilians and military abductees held by terrorists were the main terms of the agreement.

“The terrorists of ‘Jaish al-Islam’ violated the agreement and launched mortar and rocket attacks on civilians in Damascus, killing and wounding scores in the areas of Mazzeh, Omayyad square, Rabweh and Esh al-Warwar,” Bittar said, asserting that those terrorists know well that the Syrian army will liberate Douma and release the abductees.

The MP made it clear that ‘Jaish al-Islam’ is composed of two groups, one of them is affiliated to Saudi Arabia [led by Mohammad Alloush and Abo Abdul Rahman al-Kaakeh], while the other one is affiliated to Turkey [ led by Abo Homam al-Bwedani and other leaders]. “Therefore, the departure of  Jaish al-Islam terrorists to Jarablus city means that the role of the Turkey-affiliated group will be enhanced and this is unacceptable for the Saudi-affiliated group. “

The ‘Jaish al-Islam’ terrorists are in connection with Israeli and Saudi intelligence agencies and they have investments in Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the UAE and Jordan. Their budget reaches up to $ 7 billion,” Bittar stressed.

She concluded by saying: “The liberation of the eastern Ghouta of Damascus by Syrian army has dropped the last card of pressure used by the countries that support terrorism in Syria and secured Damascus.”

Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour