الخميس, 29 آب, 2019

د. نورا أريسيان ضيفة سيريا تايمز

It is no longer a matter of inspecting the situation in a country countering a terror war imposed on it.  It is now a matter of discussing the mechanism of the restoration of dialogue and relations between this country and the countries, which has cut their diplomatic relations with it.

Actually, the goal of the current visits being paid by European delegations, particularly parliamentary ones, to Syria is different from the previous ones, according to the Syrian Member of parliament Dr. Nora Arissian, who stressed the importance of such visits in conveying the Syrian state’s opinions to European parliaments.

“I think that the goal of the previous visits made by European delegations to Syria was to inspect the situation in the country and to convey it to European states. However, the current goals of visits changed because of the Syrian army’s major victories achieved against foreign backed terrorist-groups and its recapture of most of the terror-held areas in Syria,” the MP said in a response to a question about the goal of the current visit being paid by EU delegation headed by the French politician Mr.Thierry Mariani.

She indicated that the visiting European parliamentary delegation concentrated during their talks with the Syrian parliamentarians and officials on the issues of re-opening the French Schools and the situation of Christians in Syria.

“Preparation for the restoration of Syrian-French dialogue was also on the table..there are proposals to form committees in the French parliament and in other European parliaments to be in charge of the situation of Christians in Syria and the Syrian-French relations,” Dr. Arissian stated.

She pointed out that Mr. Thierry Mariani has stood by Syria and he has called for lifting the unjust sanctions being imposed it. “He held conferences to discuss the war against Syria besides the sanctions being imposed on it.”

Dr. Arissian referred to the fact that the members of the visiting EU delegation represent the National Rally party, which is the only party in France that supports Syria and appeals to lift the sanctions imposed on the Syrian people, especially in health sector.

Yesterday, a European delegation headed by the French politician Thierry Mariani arrived in Syria to hold talks with politicians, economists and cultural and religious dignitaries.

Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour