الأحد, 11 شباط, 2018

د. مرعي ضيف سيريا تايمز

On his part, The Syrian Member of Parliament Dr. Ahmad Mer’ei, said that the Zionist enemy is trying now to save its ‘defense forces’ face after shooting down a developed jet.

“I think there won’t be an open war as the Zionist enemy appealed to Washington and Moscow to prevent further escalation.. There is a state of fear of the future military escalation as the response is connected with a regional comprehensive system [Axis of resistance],” the MP added, affirming that there is a shift in rules of engagement.

“Syria’s response to the Zionist enemy’s aggression will redirect the compass towards occupied Palestine and will lead to confront the main enemy [Israel], not its agents [terrorist groups],” Dr. Mer’ei asserted.

He referred to the fact that there was a great elation among Syrian people after the announcement of shooting down the Zionist enemy’s fighter jet.

“I think that the equation will turn up-side-down and the Israeli, Turkish and American troops will be driven out of the Syrian territory,” he concluded. 

In brief, the US-Zionist enemy can start a direct war against Syria after the defeat of its agents, but it can’t end it the way it